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Adapt and Innovate (Digital Markets during COVID-19)

Adapt & Innovate: Digital Markets during COVID-19 January 21, 2021 Increasingly, merchants have had to adapt to a digital marketplace since a swell of consumers …

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The Priceless Planet Mastercard Coalition

The Priceless Planet Mastercard Coalition January 13, 2021 Since January 2020, Mastercard has spear-headed the Priceless Planet Coalition, an assembly of partners dedicated to tree …

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New Rules, New Protections

New Rules, New Protections January 7, 2020 Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) implementation is fast approaching EU regulatory deadlines. The new regulation, that includes card-not-present and …

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Payment Trends Throughout Europe

Payment Trends Throughout Europe December 30, 2020 There are a multitude of payment methods used across Europe for online transactions. Credit cards, Paypal and bank …

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Nu Data Fraud Risk Analysis Part 5

Nu Data Fraud Risk Analysis                                            Account Takeover Attacks December 24, 2020 Attack by Customer Placement Account takeover attacks (ATOs) at login comprise most of the …

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NuData Fraud Risk Analysis 2020 Part 4

NuData Fraud Risk Analysis 2020 Chargebacks December 16, 2020 During times of crisis, the occurrence of chargebacks increases across eCommerce platforms. What the Projections Tell …

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