German Ecommerce Balloons into Behemoth

March 12, 2021

“Ecommerce will be the starting point from which customers begin their shopping.”

Germany’s seen significant growth in ecommerce in 2020: a 14.6 percent increase illustrated by $83.3 billion euros. The growth is significant given the previous three years had a cumulative growth of 11.3 percent.

Without doubt, the pandemic has spurred this large increase in gross sales of goods. Lockdowns meant most consumers purchased retail goods online. In 2019 alone, German ecommerce was ‘only’ valued at $72.6 billion euros. The data is courtesy of Bevh, an ecommerce association.

Their numbers note that “one in eight euros of household expenditure on goods were spent online.” Though grocery stores, drugstores and other essential businesses stayed open, goods such as groceries and pharmaceutical products recorded strong growth in the online sphere.

One-Third of Buyers Aged 60+

A year ago, the 60+ demographic accounted for less than a quarter of ecommerce sales in Germany. Now, four of ten online consumers order more than once per week.

The New Developments are Permanent

From Bevh’s President, Gero Furchheim:

“The corona pandemic has significantly accelerated the development of trade towards ecommerce, and our industry has fulfilled its performance promise. This development will not be reversed. The social and political debate must therefore fundamentally change its perspective: In the future, ecommerce and its processes will be the starting point from which customers begin their shopping. City centers and retailers need this digital foundation in order to offer their customers added value with their stationery offers. Urban development must finally face this reality and consistently involve those who shape the new trade.”

Ecommerce News has this and more to share on their site.

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