ACI Case Study: Alto Global and its cross-border delivery

January 19, 2022

This week we are taking a look at a case study conducted by ACI worldwide: a software company that provides payment solutions to corporations to process digital payments.

Merchants and the European Market

Alto Global Processing is a US-based worldwide payments solution provider specializing in global card acquiring for online businesses: Approximately 70% of its clients consist of EU-based merchants targeting the European market. However, Alto ran into a challenge when its U.S-based merchants were also targeting EU based markets, this  increased decline rates and U.S based merchants closing their accounts due to not being able to meet mandates when crossing borders, such as enabling the correct local payment methods and currencies.The solution? partnering with ACI Secure eCommerce in order to enable a multi-acquiring approach.

The Strategy

This multi-acquiring strategy consists of smart dynamic routing, smart retry and optimized routing. This allows merchants to resubmit failed transactions and reduces delays for cross-border card and alternative payment methods. It is also important to point out these are not the only things that Alto needed in its strategy: scalability and connectivity are imperative to cross-border payments.

Alto’s number one focus is to allow its merchants to have the peace of mind that the payment processing system they are using is able to handle an unexpected increased volume when expanding into other markets, as well as being able to have flexibility to support global mandates.

We wanted a solution that solved for today but that could scale with us and our merchants — a single integration that would serve our current and future payments connectivity requirements. The ACI Secure eCommerce solution meets those needs.

This partnership has been nothing but beneficial to Alto’s merchant customers, as they have already seen a 12% increase in approved sales at checkout. And this is definitely not the end of the benefits merchants will be able to enjoy.

Looking ahead, Alto is seeking to leverage the ACI Secure eCommerce solution to move into new industries and help its larger merchants expand their acquiring options. The processor is also seeking to increase its fraud management capabilities through ACI, with a focus on helping merchants to optimize chargebacks and fraud ratios

According to Luca, monitoring their merchant customers in order to reduce fraud is important as well, as Alto Global takes liability for its merchants, keeping fraud rates low is one of the top priorities as well.

ACI Worldwide

Founded in 1975 and headquartered in Miami, ACI Worldwide is a global software company providing mission-critical real-time payment solutions to corporations.

Want to learn more? Check out ACI Worldwide’s full case study here.

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